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  1. Theyre all on passive usually, i brought in the argent inside the base but the other dinos outside as none can fit with the argent inside the base. I have turrets up and no bullets were missing so i doubt someone couldve like whipped it off. It says my tame limit is 0/300. I also thought when a dino dies to a wild dino it says how they died and wild animals level. And thank you for the tip on killing myself, Ive never thought about that
  2. Dinos Disappearing and Dying to nothing I've been playing official for the first time for about 3 days so far. My tribe and I have gotten decently far in. Taming argents, pteras, and other farming dinosaurs. I wasn't able to get on until later in the day and my tribe mate couldn't get on until the day after. Once logged on I was dead, figured I was raided but it didn't say I was killed by anyone. I respawned to a base in perfect condition, tribe log not changed other than my mate and I's death logs. I was fine with it since I had no items but when I looked for our dinos they were all gone without a trace, nothing on them being uploaded or cryo'd. I wanted to know if anyone else has dealt with this happening to them and if the Ark developers help you with your problem at all or just leave you to help yourself and say they're sorry for what happened. I would also be interested in hearing other peoples incidents with these developers and what they said to them during these situations. My tribe mate said not to show our names since he believes people will target us. The reason I showed that picture is because it shows me taming 2 high level pteras, than about 30 minutes later. We were dead at the same time, no tames dead, but all were missing, no structures damaged, and we we're both so confused when I told him all of this.
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