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  1. Refund for Genesis Over 34 people on 1 map have deleted ark because of ps4 transfers being down and still counting. I've lost so much work from the last couple years over this and so many others, I'm walking the plank as well. The lack of information is insulting. RIP ark. so how do I get my refund for genesis?
  2. Potheads of Paradise 3xharv2xp4xbreed ps4 Come join the fun! A new server on the latest map Valguero with chill people. We have several events and competitions planned for the near future. New maps will be added to the cluster as we grow. Starter kits available which include basic building supplies for small base, smithy, fabricator, forge, grill, fridge, genny and electrical, tools and armor, taming supplies and a ankylo and ptera to get you out and exploring your new home! server is Potheads of Paradise 3xharv2xp4xbreed on unofficial pc sessons on ps4, any questions or need help? msg tattooedmama312 on psn
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