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  1. I can't pm you so i just want to say i know a giga was 13m long i meant in ark I always thought lymantria is a fantasy animal. Asides from that all your links say its suggested to be 50 cms But it also says 20-30% bigger as a fact
  2. U know suggesting 50 cm's does not mean it was actually that big everywhere it says max 30% larger and you just have to search it up Im not saying that there is a limit but if you look at the sizes of things that wildcard made the biggest might be the giga if its really 30 meters idk but this compared to that is still a fantasy animal but lets go with 50 cms with 4 meters (there are even vultures near 3 meters) This thing is allready 8 times bigger and it still cant lift shid up
  3. Yes but much larger is like max 2x but this thing is massive and in the wiki it states that it has a 33% bigger wingspan than the common vampire bat witch is 18cms so it means that it must have had a 23,94 cm wingspan
  4. Yea but if its wingspan is 4 meters its already 20 times larger
  5. I think this must be a shoulder pet considering its wingspans is like 20 centimeters
  6. You can just comment like that and they check the ideas all together
  7. I really like the concept art but I think the rest will be took away cuz the way its a potential soaker it just couldnt damage metal and awoid traps cuz thats lit the way soakers are countered and could destroy towers and walls with no effort. But your art had ne thinking and I suggest that if ur riding one of them you can wistle folow and you can have 2 More of them just kind of puting their heads together forming a wall and reducing the damage taken from the front. And leaving the ram attack in this can make a potential giga killer becouse the two on the sides could perhaps folow you and your attacks making it not just take reduced damage (not to mention mate boost) but also deal more damage becouse the multiple ones hiting at a time But thats just the way id do it thanks for rewieving my dossie to
  8. ...................................................................................... Quick start Omnivorous dinosaur right between Rex and theri basically a duck headed thick theri with stationary attacks and one item focused gathering ....................................................................................... {appearance} In appearance Deinocheirus is similar to a therizinosaurus but it is much larger with its vertebra almost forming a spine on its back and with a weight measuring up to 6.4 metric tons. It has violent coloured skin with blue patches on its head but most of its body is covered in feathers with darker colours on its back and tail but brighter colours in its stomach. it has really long and strong arms with a nice set of claws which compensates its weak ducklike beak. it'll have longer feathers at its tail and arms almost wing like {saddle} I imagine it to have a saddle with some blades attached to its claws just to give it even a more horrific look. {Wild} It is an omnivorous creature but not the one to mess around with. Naturally they wander around grazing the vegetation but they are willing to accept an easy meal when it walks up to them. So keep your distance. They are not going to attack any big bodyed creatures naturally but they are willing to protect themselves and the other Deinocheiruses. (much like trikes and stegos do) {domesticated} This dino will fit well in your collection. It being an omnivore means it can eat both meat and berries, vegetables and also can take veggie cakes. It can sprint pretty fast but burns trough stamina pretty fast. It has an attack while sprinting similar to the deinonychus where it moves its hands in a griping pulling way. that attack would be slow and it has a 1/4 chance to apply a reaper spit like effect (except it'll be red) called "Painful scars" it'll slow down the effected enemy and thats where its standing attack comes in when it starts to jump left and right while swiping with its hands. this attack will keep applying the effect and builds up a rage meter that speeds up its attackspeed like tek claws and also burns through stamina so it cant just stun and run after you that easily.On the omnivore side the regular harvester attack where it leans close to the ground and moves its beak fast searching for food like modern ducks do. While doing this attack it searches for the specific item type you have set it to and only harvest that. This can make farming tintoberryes for medbrews easyer for example. {Taming} It'll be a passive tame, but not the kind of one that you would think much like an aggressive passive tame. Where u have to damage its limbs to get it on the floor and feed it with prime fish meet being its favourite, And wait until its recovering. {Note} I didn't wanted to go too crazy with this idea but i'm interested to see what do you think about my suggestion, sorry if i annoyed you with all of this like this like that but its much easier for me to explain what i think it will be. If u want to see my suggestion in game please vote for it to change the game together.
  9. When i try to create a procedural ark on x box one the game is just crash.
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