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  1. I use the Upgrade Station mod to create, convert, and upgrade blueprints and items. Since I like to take my character places, without any dinos, I'd like to at least stand a chance by myself in Single Player against high level dinos in caves. It's not completely game-breaking since your armor can still pop off in the middle of caving. In PvP, however, yes - it could be game-breaking, however if everyone can upgrade their items and create blueprints and augments, then it's not so OP after all. New players always get rekt anyway.
  2. I love the bone creatures, the Santa Hat Claus Creatures, and the Bunny Ear Easter dinos. I like to see more variants of creatures all-around. More aberrant variations as well, but that's another ball-park. I'd like to tame me an actual Skeletal Rex and keep him forever! Not just during a once-a-year event, but during periods throughout the year! That would be nice.
  3. I Want an Ark That... I Want an Ark That... - Doesn't require the Wiki to do various things. The Immersive Taming mod adds in a book that details everything you need to know about how to tame every single creature without having to find the explorers' dossiers. It also adds various kinds of bait, and even a way to hand-feed certain dinos. For console players like myself, this is an impossibility. I believe that this dynamic would bring more players to the consoles, as it is a much-enjoyable concept. Cooking up kibbles & other various recipes lacks an informational foundation in-game. An immersive recipe-book would do the trick, and help out new players as well as seasoned players that just need a refresher without having to cut play time by visiting a wiki page. This could also provide a reference to the buffs that these recipes provide, not just for Survival Evolved, but for Primitive+ as well. When I was a new player, this created a problem when I had to keep visiting the Wiki as I still occasionally do today. I understand that we can still loot certain recipes from certain dinos, but this breaks immersion and isn't a reliable way of obtaining recipes as needed. - Has more Dinos, and More Tek Variants The Ark Additions mod adds more dinos that have unique abilities and looks that seamlessly blend with Ark, complete with their own saddles and dossier. My favorite dino has always been the brachiosaurus, and I would love to see this added to Ark, along with many other dinos & their correlating Tek variants. I feel as though a few dinos could use some TLC, such as the broken Trike-charging and the delayed-action dilos and the like, but a balancing act will achieve a much-needed audience drawing effect to the game. Please don't let the new-release dino days die. They were great! - Has More Building Objects, Immersive Storage Solutions, & Decor, Decor, Decor! I feel as though Primitive+ and Survival Evolved should be merged in terms of beautiful building objects that make our bases seem more lived-in & functional; more... Real. Like, I shouldn't have to sacrifice the Tek advantage by switching to Primitive+ just for a log-holder, mining box, and some kitchen supplies. eco's mods and S+ seem to have a great concept for these things, but I believe Ark can take bits and pieces and make a truly unique form of its own. It always has, and I hope it doesn't stop there. That about sums it up. Please take it with a grain of salt... And pepper.
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