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  1. I use the Upgrade Station mod to create, convert, and upgrade blueprints and items. Since I like to take my character places, without any dinos, I'd like to at least stand a chance by myself in Single Player against high level dinos in caves. It's not completely game-breaking since your armor can still pop off in the middle of caving. In PvP, however, yes - it could be game-breaking, however if everyone can upgrade their items and create blueprints and augments, then it's not so OP after all. New players always get rekt anyway.
  2. I love the bone creatures, the Santa Hat Claus Creatures, and the Bunny Ear Easter dinos. I like to see more variants of creatures all-around. More aberrant variations as well, but that's another ball-park. I'd like to tame me an actual Skeletal Rex and keep him forever! Not just during a once-a-year event, but during periods throughout the year! That would be nice.
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