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  1. Yep, would prevent alot of orp abuse and caves being inaccessible... And since alliances are not a thing on orp pin locks are only nice for giving people access to taming traps..
  2. Sorry Jemcrystal, but I strongly have to disagree. I've seen quite a few of your replies on other forums topics come by lately and most are quite negative regarding game mechanics, which alot of other Ark players seem happy about.. On topic, they made the kibble system less complicated then it was, improving on new player friendliness, without completely makinging it way too easy. In games like Ark , there is a learning and progression curve. Making it that if you first invest in something, you'll make it easier for yourself in the long run. Not every beach bob is meant to have 100% tame efficiency max lvl rexes from the get go. Instead you tame some low lvl rexes, gather some ingredients, plant some veggies and then you can go and get your nice high lvl pets. And lets be honest, how hard is it to look up how to make Focal Chili and cook some for the kibble that can tame almost all dinos in Ark.. If someone can't be bothered to look that up (or read the in-game notes on that) then maybe they shouldn't have max lvl tames..
  3. Nope on pc. Didn't know there was a cross 5 on x box as well. On the pc one I have been helped by the stronger tribes in the beginning alot. This help ranged from some items and essential dinos, to bring protected against grievers before I had turrets to defend. So I guess it depends on the platform of op.
  4. But reading your post again, raiding and esp. dino killing is frowned upon by existing bigger tribes and will be handeld swiftly, but still it is possible.
  5. Filter on the word 'offline' when looking in the list. I myself play on cross 5 official (EU Germany server I beleave) and it's a nice and friendly server where PvP is possible. On pve you can't PvP when people are online.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Worth a try to do the ticket, never know.. otherwise will just have to freeze dinos and might have to demo base... would be a pity though.
  7. Inactive tribe leader transfer Hey all, Our tribe leader seems to have quit playing ark and we are considering joining another clan, but would like to merge. After reading many old posts about inactive tribe leaders, I came across some newer posts as well, saying ownership should auto transfer after 7 days of inactivity of leader. Is this a thing on officials (pc) and should the problem we have resolve after decay is activated again? Thanks for any feedback
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