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  1. @Aylana314159 of course, if you have a drop/transmitter nearby. But I'm talking about spawning at a spawn box, and being able to drop both tames. We all know about upload/download
  2. Cryosickness while farming gets me sick When you go farm to another map, you need at least two tames (ie: argy + anky), but to drop those you need to wait 5 minutes between each. Its actually 5 minutes when you are there... doing nothing... enclosed in your spawn box. So, it sucks when you go farm to another map and you need to wait to drop your tame. My suggestion is to disable Cryosickness on farming dinos like anky, doed, rat, casteroid. Not on argy, cuz it can be used for fighting as well, so only on farming ones. So, if someone goes farm he will drop anky first (getting no cryo
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