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    Tribe names

    Better its a bit difirent, then u get attacked by tribe who is named like yours. But u playing with that name for 2 years.
  2. DeadMe

    Tribe names

    Tribe names Not allow to use the same tribe name for another tribe. I think not needed to explain more.
  3. DeadMe

    Weight bag

    Weight bag Add craft able bag, that will give player an extra weight. Player can wear it insted of chest. Can also add as bp. Like primitive +200 weight, ascendent +500 weight. Armor minimal, as it will be used moustly for farming / building.
  4. DeadMe

    Gear abilitys

    Make new kind of gear thats also can be unlocked by killin boses. Gears that is imune from poisen / poisen wayern attack, bassilik attack, snakes and other dinos. Imune from ice / imune from cold, ice wayern attack, mana attack Imune from fire / not getin hot in desert, imune from flame arrows, fire wayern attack, phoenix fire attack, flamethrower Imune from lighting / imune from lighting wayern attack, from abbertion plant granades Something like that. Can be able to wear after lvl 110
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