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  1. I´ve got some issues connecting to some servers as well tonight. I talked to Wildcard and they said they are doing a lot of back-end updates to the servers today/tonight so some things like server connection and transfers might be affected by this. Not sure if that is the problem but there is a great chance that it is.
  2. I got a problem i have no idea how to solve. I have seen other threads about this but nothing that was suggested in them helped me. I play on the ORP cluster and my home server is the Center. I was on center and transfered to genesis one to do some missions. Done it several times past days without any issues. But today when i was going to transfer back home i couldnt go to center, rag or The island. The button that says "join with survior" doesnt highlight on those servers. All other servers works. I have been trying to just upload my char in the cloud then join from the start serv
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