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  1. Hope everyone is doing well, been swamped with work and RL stuff. Finally got a chance to get back into ark today
  2. Haven’t been able to play ark the past week or so, but hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday weekend!
  3. Island-Single Player-PS4 Pretty solid last day or so. Gathered about 1.5K Crystal, 1.5k Obsidian, and around 5k metal. Went out and tamed two argy’s and a saber. Then decided to move base locations. Was able to successfully move all my Dino’s to the new spot. My word, I never want to do that again. So to keep track, it’s 6 Dilo’s, 2 lystro’s, 2 ptera’s, 2 argy’s, 1 Trike, 1 Sarco, 1 Spino, 1 Saber, and as of a few minutes ago, 1 Thero. Built a massive pen, using the land. Two stones in front that are at each edge of the gate opening up to the water, and there’s a half cut down tree in the middle of the pen lol. Very happy with it. Got the base built and everything back inside. Gonna work on an aviary and a water pen ASAP so I can move the Dino’s that shouldn’t be in the “land pen” @SnowboundGem your posts made me a lot more aware of using the land and what it has to offer to my advantage, and not getting rid of certain trees, stones, etc, so thank you for that
  4. Looks like I’ll have a Friday night to play ark, for once. Pretty stoked, but then I’ll probably make a terrible mistake in game and ask myself “why did I play tonight?” Lol
  5. Island-Single Player-PS4 After my last post, I almost had another disaster. I decided to explore on my ptera. So I get close to the center of the map and am looking for potential tames, low level spino and thero, but I see a raptor pack with a 130 in it. My plan, land on a rock in the middle of the water, kill the low levels and tranq dart the 130. Well, as I go to land on the rock, my ptera misses its landing point and nose dives for the water, throwing me off, and what does it do? Goes and lands right with the raptors I try to run up to it and jump on but I am immediately pounced and killed. I respawn back at base and jump on my other ptera. Best advice I ever saw on here, keep two of every flier and swimmer, it helps in situations like this. I race back with my other ptera, and make it in time. My ptera is tanking but the raptors have eaten my body, I do however spot a bag on the beach that had my longnecks, 200+ Ammo, etc. I jump down, grab the bag, hit follow all, and go back to base for the night, armor completely broken. Only stopping to collect metal and crystal on the way back. Dodged a major bullet. Fast forward to today, take my ptera out Bc I was looking to explore more and get some polymer. Run into a 75 Spino along the way and tame it, using the “rock” method lol. Was able to get prime fish meat because this location has a crap ton of salmon, so pretty solid tame effectiveness. Absolute beast of a spino. I go back to base and make the saddle and just take the spino out towards the winter biome. Run into a 120 sarco and tame it as well. Found a beautiful 140 argy, but that’ll teach me to try tranq’ing it without trapping it. Extremely low torpor and it flew up to the sun. Just been crafting as much gunpowder and gasoline as I can. Overall, pretty efficient.
  6. Had a little hiatus from posting/playing. Started my single player world over, had some RL stuff happen, as I talked to @d1nk about, and then got bombarded with some other things, so I wanted to just take a step back and start out fresh, even in game. Single Player- Island- Ps4 Been grinding for almost the last week on the south side of the island (Spawn). Didn’t build a base for a LONG time, just relied on a single foundation lol. Started off taming 4 Dilos all 70-95 pre tame, and 2 lystro’s 25 and 145 pre tame. I also happened to find 2 ptera’s 95 and 100 that were great color patterns, and even tho I was a long way off from unlocking the saddle, I tamed both of them anyway. During the 2nd tame, at over 90% completion, I get hit from behind by a bary lvl 15 thankfully (it didn’t hit the ptera), I bola’d it and Ko’d It just to have it on my side lol. After a while, and getting the ptera saddles , I venture out looking for a sarco, found an otter along the way and tamed it up (I was probably more pumped about that than I probably should have been lol). I find a 50 sarco and really just wanted to tame it for the water traveling purposes for the time being. Successfully tame it, and man was it a beast. I got a little too confident with it, as I was going through the ocean I see jellyfish. Now the noobness in me remembers you can get something from jellyfish but I could not remember what. I decide to attack the group of 4 head on. Welp, I am dumb, I die, my otter dies, but I am able to retrieve my stuff because the sarco is tanking. I was a decent way out so I pressed “follow all” to try and maybe save the sarco since I didn’t have any creatures near me, or so I thought. I glance over and see a bary in the water, and it was my bary, The sarco dies and they immediately go over to it and kill it pretty easily. I make a dash for shore, as I get almost to shore I see all my Dino’s getting into the water, dang it, so I have to stop them and they all get out just barely beating the jellyfish to the shore line. I get everybody together and gather my thoughts, well, only way to handle this. Revenge mission... I fly my ptera to the top of the rock right off the shoreline and the jellyfish start heading out to sea. I pull out my long neck (scoped) and I pick off all 4, in 4 shots (I know, I was surprised too lol) live game footage (lol): Anywho, lol, that made me build a big Dino pen and no new tames other than a trike. I built a warehouse/base (all stone) and have just been crafting my life away. Lol
  7. Single Player- Island- PS4 Well, the maiden voyage went well lol. Couldn’t post the gif Bc it was too big but picture jack sparrow riding back to the dock with his ship completely under water, that was me. Got it beached in the swamp, literally less than an hour after completing it. Will be funny to run across later lol. Finally got some tames. Got a lvl 80 lystro first just to help out, then ran into a 120 ptera and tamed it as well. While I was trying to find new tames, I ran into a 145 carno, he killed me multiple times as I tried to get my stuff, so I decided to make a trap and lead him. This was successful and ended up tranq’ing him, he has been my savior so far as he had really good stats and with lvling he’s 250 now and has 15k+ health. Tamed two lvl 50+ tek Parasaurs to hopefully breed for a “farm” later, and also tamed a 85 dilo and 90 raptor just to have them.
  8. Started a play through on the island, like I had originally intended. Stayed in roughly the same area, built a starter shack and began gathering materials, made it all the way up to lvl 34, no tames, mainly due to lvl idk why so many low lvls were spawning (I run on difficulty 6), what I do have tho, is a massive ship, what a grind that was. Almost done getting her set out for her maiden voyage, just wanted to add some more windows but it is stocked with all the essentials, forge, smithy, etc. Wanted a mobile base until I find my main base spot
  9. Took out my ptera and tamed some raptors, however on the way back both my raptors and Petra died to a mantis swarm after literally slaughtering everything else in their path. Went out and found a pair of 145 ptera’s, tamed them. Took one out so I could tame an argy. Made a 3 gate trap and tamed a 140 argy. Took them back to base and noticed more allos around my base. So I created a trap with door frames and a ramp. Led the allos up the ramp and into the trap, killing the low levels and then taming the highest, only two lvl 60’s blah, but needed some Carnivores. So I have 2 allos almost at lvl 100 so not bad. Started on the second story of the base as well. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone
  10. I did, back when I was watching videos, and playing the island and center, I saw a lot of builds on Rag, especially in the highlands area, and I’m a builder at heart, that’s one of my favorite things to do in a game (to create). I literally spent 3 days sneaking to get materials because there were 2-3 allos, then Gigas right by my base. They have spawned in groups like 1/4 way up a mountain, so I round a corner flying and boom there they are lol.
  11. Had a day or so off, grinded today on the base, it’s a massive cylinder now. Got some crops going in a nearby water vein, got a few more tames, wanted to get some backup equus just in case and a flier. My first attempt, I went up to tame what I thought was an Eq, but it was a lvl 140 unicorn, didn’t realize it until after the taming started lol, that has been my main mount since I got it, I also tamed a 195 eq, and mistakenly tamed a lvl 85, So now I have 3 eq’s as back up mounts just in case. For a flier I went and tamed a lvl 120 ptera. Went ahead and made some rifles, and got around 100 bullets for now. I have a crap ton of charcoal but need more spark powder. Overall, pretty solid, productive day. These giga’s and allo’s are gonna make me have a heart attack tho. All of a sudden it seems like they’re out in numbers. Lol Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  12. No roof, but got the base done as far as foundation, getting it square, and starting walls, my god, what a pain. Rough day at work so that’s all I’m doing for the night. Will go back out grinding tomorrow hopefully.
  13. So after that long grind Sunday, getting my foundation down, etc. I came back to realize last night that my foundation was out of square, ugh. I really shouldn’t have played ark after having a couple of drinks for Mother’s Day on Sunday, especially with doing the base design that I was intending. Lol
  14. Had to start over. Had a corrupted save. Grind all day to lvl 31. Did tame a eqqus after reaching 10, was lvl 135 after tame, found a base site but told myself that since I had already built through the tiers on my earlier play through that I wouldn’t create a base until it was stone. Started on a big foundation, got that pretty much done. I’ve been hoarding resources, and also got around 500 narcos made, and that helped big time with the lvls
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