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    Tek binoculars

    Great Idea. Looks kinda stupid when riding on a Tek Rex, you and your Rex wearing full tek gear. And your tracking a cool dino with those primitive binoculars.
  2. Me and my friends play on my server on the Ragnarok map. Using some lines of code in the Game.ini file, I added the Rock Drakes to the Redwoods SpawnEnteries. Once you kill a Rock Drake, there is a small chance that the corpse of the drake contains an Fert. Rock Drake Egg. The first problem is that the egg has a egg health of 0. If you do not have enough air conditioners the egg de-spawns. But thats not my main issue. I want to add Basilisks to the SpawnEnteries as well. In order to tame them you have to throw them a Fert. Rock Drake Egg, but these de-spawn instantly. So we cant tame them. The second problem is that once you did everything right and the egg is hatched. You always end up with a lvl 1 drake, so you can get stronger breeds.
  3. I play with a few friends on a private server on the Ragnarok map. I added multiple creatures from other maps and would like to add the reapers as well. But since there are no charge nodes and glowbugs do not spawn (not even with commands). We cant use anything that needs charge, like the Charge Lantern. I try to make my server as legit as possible when it comes to taming and from what I understand is the Charge Lantern necessary in order to tame/weaken a reaper.
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