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  1. Thanks will do and happy boss battling
  2. Thanks, what do you play on?
  3. Thanks and rn we are still getting everything we plan on bringing 2 reapers, bred up megalos, and rn 1 drake where I pilot and she shoots we are mainly worried about the teleporting thing. We are gonna beat beta Rockwell so we can learn the tek drake saddle then we will hop to another map to just goof off on, maybe like valgeruo or extinction, and we wont replace our megalos because I did some research and megalos are better then rexes imo and I've seen that if you start a boss battle at night it's still night in the boss arena idk if that's true but still, sorry for ranting
  4. Ok and what do you think of our plan right now is the 2 person drake a good idea or no
  5. Sorry to piss you off, I was searching the mobile wiki night and day and must have just kept missing the bary kibble=megatherium
  6. Non dedicated server rockwell? So I'm playing non dedicated with a friend of mine and she gets teleported to me and all that but will the distance be enough to make her teleport to me during Rockwell's fight? Right now our plan is to have her shoot on the back of the rockdrake while I drive and dodge the reapers and nameless ect. But what do you think
  7. What eats baryonx kibble in mobile? Title says it all, I know in normal ark it's used for megalania but mobile doesnt have those, any answers?
  8. I have 2 dinos but one is gone as I erased my save due to not liking ark for a while, the other one is brand new, I have a 150 megalosaur called naptime who could take down alpha carnos no problem, and my new one is my 145 soothing balm tamed trike named juggernaught, I plan to get him a lady so I can get a good trike with some cool colors hes also killed 2 100+ alpha raptors!
  9. im with afk there is no way scorched or abb would work.
  10. well then i hope the troodons are awesome for you! i might tame one but unless they are at a reasonable price for having to kill it (like 10 or 6 instead of 30) i don't think i i will revive anything from the dungeons expect eriee creatures
  11. "willing to be interested" i don't think that's how that works my bruv
  12. snackattack

    Server war

    aw man that sucks oh well good luck finding another tribe
  13. they sound interesting but i doubt anyone will tame them due to the unfairness of having to revive it
  14. mind wipe isnt easy to make at low levels but at level 40 and if you live in the redwoods you might be able to make it
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