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  1. I completely agree!!! PVP SHOULD NEVER EFFECT/CONTROL PVE GAME PLAY!!! Otherwise developers need to decide from day one if the game is PVP or PVE controlled. IF PVP, those of us who do not play PVP, can spend our cash elsewhere. Destiny was awesome, then year 2 and 3 PVP controlled 100% f the game mechanics. When Destiny 2 was release, I spent my money elsewhere.
  2. Excellent idea and should have been implemented a while ago!
  3. Allow ceilings up to Behemoth gate height to stop rain Hello Wild Card, You gave us Behemoth gates to bring our Large dinos into our base, yet rain flows through Behemoth height ceilings. Seems like you can only have ceilings 4 walls high if you want them to actually stop rain inside your building. Any chance this can be addressed? Still feels like a Beta game with all these bugs (Rain flowing through ceiling, storms blowing through walls, grass sticking up through foundations.....) Never really bothered me that much till Center, rains quite often on center. LOL
  4. Has the Dev team posted anything on this issue? This has been happening since their release. Odd we have not had a fix yet.
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