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  1. [PREAMBLE] First I would like to clearly say with firmness and command, If you don’t play “faithfully” Primitive Plus you have no business commenting on such ideas, developing opinions, and or influencing anything beyond from what you expierence with this game. This conversation should be exclusive to those of us who have dedicated our time as gamers and hobbyist to Primitive Plus. My name is Ray, and I have been playing Ark been playing Ark faithfully since Beta days. I have had the privilege of gaming with some of the most competive PVPR’s, Grinders and Gamers. We have been dedicated as a Tribe for more then 2 years. Many of my Tribemates have become my friends. Not being bias but these men and women are pretty legit, knowledgeable and committed to Primitive Plus. My character Blaster Master hails from the tribe Norfolk. With that said, in no way or capacity do I believe the game should be integrated with the main game. If modded, why bother utilizing a Musket when you can use a Machine gun for PVP. But when modded please detail what you mean by it. I am not a Programmer, Developer or Modder; and have no idea what this would entail. What I gather is the company is looking to eliminate the Primitive Plus option. If you truly want gaming insight I would encourage a conference call, group discussion on Xbox with my tribemates or even a Facebook group discussion. Then you would find amazing information and resources to assist you with this discussion. My email is rayraffaele.art@gmail.com you can find me on FACEBOOK: Raiyunex Nazario. Gamertag Xbox: Ejosh
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