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  1. Apparently I cannot unclaim dinos on official. Does anyone know why?
  2. I bought ARK a couple of summers ago for an insane deal. $9! I am a high schooler, so I don't have much time to play. I love building bases, but they never look good enough. When I'm on any multiplayer server, I try to make as many friends as possible. This gives me allies (and potential tribemates) and lowers the chance of me being raided. My favorite mount is the Iguanadon, and my favorite shoulder pet is the Otter. I have about 600 hours and play (mostly) solo. This game is one of my favorites. My favorite map is the Island. If I had the time, I'd try to make mods using the devkit. ARK is awesome!
  3. Run around gathering plants. Afterwards, make a crap ton of hats. This got me to level 40 on day two of official.
  4. Is there an official discord for ARK?
  5. Equus36


    A couple of years ago I purchased ARK for my PC during a sale. I was surprised when I found out that another game was given to me. I have played only ONE match of SOTF, but I enjoyed myself greatly. I tried to play it a couple of months ago, but it took forever while matching. I'm sad at the small number of people playing, but I'm not to suprised. I hope that there will be a bright future ahead of SOTF. As for what Wildcard could do, they could sell it maybe $15.00 and put in an in game shop, like PUBG. This shop could feature several skins from the real game, like the captains hat, trike bone helmet, and dino skins. I hope that Wildcard takes my ideas into consideration. (Several people have talked about this subject before, but I just want to show that this is something that players want.)
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