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  1. For real... @WildcardJen Are you aware of any future fix or plans to resolve this? It's ruined every unofficial server's configs and not so much as a mention from WC. Dino Gates blue screen people when demo'd still and our breeding configs are f**ked.... Should we quit?
  2. Tend not to advertise elsewhere aside from Facebook, rest assured the Cluster's been up about a year's time if not more, and have no intention of stopping. Check our Discord for current community as it's fluctuated many times. Should you swing by and find yourself at home, let me know in Discord how you heard about Murmur's Cluster.
  3. Murmur's Cluster PvP PS4 (low-rate) Murmur's Cluster [PS4 PvP] Ragnarok/ Extinction / Aberration/ Island/ Scorched Earth// Center(pve) Low balanced rates and 6 man Tribes. Custom Stacks, Custom Crafts, Custom Drops; No Tek in drops. Starter Packs depending on Admin availability. New pokemon themed Arena. Drop List displayed in our Facebook Group and Discord pages.15min ORP Mon-Fri; Purge Weekends [USA PST]. Admin Shop & Currency; Currency can be acquired through participation in events dubbed "Murmur's Missions" & Murmur's Maze events, or from killing wild dinos. Admin logging enabled. Aberration dinos on Ragnarok. Extinction dinos on The Island. Be a part of the ever-growing, low-rate cluster! https://www.facebook.com/groups/471782856690684/ https://discord.gg/euDQqtG
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