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  1. Unable to access the HLNA interface on PC After the Genesis update, I received the HLNA skin in my inventory when I logged into a nitrado hosted unofficial sever on my windows 10 PC. Two days of play and the nhla has not made a single sound although it follows me everywhere. I look straight at it and tried every keybind, and no interface or option wheel appears. This was on valguero map and aberration map. I cannot interact with hlna at all, which will make missions and challenges impossible. I hope this gets fixed.
  2. Unable to remove lightpet until i logout On PC windows 10, playing on a nitrado hosted unofficial server, aberration map, after the Genesis update, cannot remove lightpet using the normal keybind that I used to. I have not tried other maps, but I suspect it's the same. The lightpet is only removed after you logout.
  3. I just purchased the season pass yesterday and also, nothing to download. I'm only playing on a PC laptop, (NOT steam!) and I do play on unofficial servers hosted by nitrado. But that shouldnt make any problem within the win 10 store not giving me a download link. I will be pretty pissed if I cannot play genesis as a DLC, I purchased the full Explorers edition for $90 a year and half ago. I only have a PC laptop to play on.
  4. Still having the problem. It's only with Ark. Other games are fine
  5. Yes, I'm also having this problem. On a PC. I am logged into my microsoft account on other apps but ark won't log me in, i get almost the same error, line is 0xcfffe0c9
  6. I also play windows 10 and tried a prim plus server on the center map today and also i cannot place anything, making surviving impossible.
  7. I also play on windows 10, a cluster I play on that uses nitrado just opened prim plus on center map and I cannot place campfire, foundation, pestal... I only just started and I can't cook food or place a bed, so... pretty much unplayable.
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