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  1. Loham

    Green dye

    It's works if you make a small amount.
  2. Game folder unavailable What does this mean and how to fix it?
  3. Loham

    Industrial grinder

    I don't need to lvl up I own my own server so I'm lvl 100. I use it to grind things to make element
  4. Loham

    Industrial grinder

    Industrial grinder Is the industrial grinder only available in pve? I can't seem to be able to place it in pvx or pvp.
  5. Getting tame to follow Is there anyway to get the small birds to follow a monkey or otter.
  6. Loham

    Eerie Turrets

    They don't lose power and Ranger over time. They just have less power and range and no they don't get destroyed like the x plants. They can shoot 24/7 and nothing will happen to them.
  7. Loham

    Green dye

    Because I did search it up. But they way they say to make it isn't working. That's why.
  8. Loham

    Green dye

    Green dye So how do we make green dye? I tried the yellow and blue berries with charcoal but it don't use the yellow berries and makes blue dye.
  9. Loham

    Server war

    Already found one and I'm setup already preparing for boss fights
  10. Loham

    Server war

    No its not, I'm. Shutting down my server. Boring being admin
  11. Loham

    Griffin Taming

    It's best to find the lowest lvls you can and breed them then make Griffin kibble and use that to tame a higher lvl.
  12. Well if lose any of it then I won't.
  13. Mine never showed unless they killed someone or a tame.
  14. On unofficial they have to turn off auto tame unclaim on official it's automatically on. After 15 min they die. If it's wild the server will Despawn it after so long.
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