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  1. So much for 3x....... Hope my babies dont die.... Also i was out in the cold on my way back from a meat run
  2. Can't use mindwipe is this a bug? Can't use mindwipe.... Is this normal?
  3. Can't use Mindwipe? I can't use mindwipe on genesis... Is this normal?
  4. Just bought Genesis ...and nothing downloaded...i didnt get my robot pet .. I watched a youtube video and it said if its not in your inventory to just die and it should be there after respawning...so i jumped off a few small cliffs and headed to the water naked ... I let a lv50 dilo kill me at the waters edge..,when i respawned there was still no pet robot in my inventory. My tribe mates are going to laugh at me for getting killed by such a little dino. Aahhhhhhh i just want my robot.
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