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  1. Same ...i have yet to see any event color anky doed or therizinos... And the event dinos I have see yuti argy rhino sabor have all been low lvs not worth taming Like come on a lv25 yuti ...yeah right not going to spend my time on that... even if it does have nice colors .
  2. 6:43pm in California right now and still no Easter event ?!?
  3. Why did you let the servers continue to run healthy ? I dont understand why you let the servers continue to run healthy when clearly they were anything but health . Nobody could logg in so why let them continue to run healthy? Im sure im not the only person to lose babies . Its also frustrating that the dinos i got the fert egg from still have 14+hour cool down until i can get another fert egg. And that chances i get twins again are low. and i will miss out on 3x breeding. Im Just very unhappy with the way this server crashed was handled. That is all ???
  4. So much for 3x....... Hope my babies dont die.... Also i was out in the cold on my way back from a meat run
  5. Can't use mindwipe is this a bug? Can't use mindwipe.... Is this normal?
  6. Just a thought... Build a raft for water and use the spider on land.
  7. Can't use Mindwipe? I can't use mindwipe on genesis... Is this normal?
  8. Breeders Timer / alarm clock A timer that you can set like an in game alarm clock....carried like gps...RT to look at it...d-pad to set it ..A button starts it ..B button stops it.....so you can set the timer for when your eggs are going to hatch or babies need care ..or whatever else the player wants to set it for. Also could have diffrent alarm sound equips as drops. Maybe some funny ones.
  9. Just bought Genesis ...and nothing downloaded...i didnt get my robot pet .. I watched a youtube video and it said if its not in your inventory to just die and it should be there after respawning...so i jumped off a few small cliffs and headed to the water naked ... I let a lv50 dilo kill me at the waters edge..,when i respawned there was still no pet robot in my inventory. My tribe mates are going to laugh at me for getting killed by such a little dino. Aahhhhhhh i just want my robot.
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