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  1. Similar massive issues with the Aberration map in the cluster I run on Xbox, constantly lagging out to 255 ping with the only cure being re-starting (give us about an hour of laggy play per re-start) its currently caused the loss of one character and several dinos that just vanished
  2. Ok, added the line in the dialogue box on the "engine settings" page of the server settings - no joy, nothing happened on restart. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. brilliant, that's exactly what I was looking for - do you happen to know if it applies retroactively to existing structures, or only for stuff placed after the code is added?
  4. Hi, hoping for a bit of community help here, I run a small cluster of Nitrado Xbox servers and would like to enable the structure pickup functionality that came with the Homestead Update. However, Nitrado haven't added the setting to the dashboard yet so I'm a little unsure of how to proceed. anyone else in the community had any success with this? I really just want to remove the timer from pickup so players can always move structures. thanks in advance Target
  5. Hi, I run a small cluster of unofficial xbox servers and we have always had some issues with the performance of the Aberration map. However, since the Homestead update the map has become essentially unplayable due to lag, with frequent disconnects and pings regularly hitting 255. does anyone else have these issues, or know of anything I can do to improve the situation as hourly restarts only seem to be a temporary solution? thanks Target
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