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  1. A new Update A new Week running through without ppl be able to Play OP motherraptorkers every update something new you wanna raptor us? Not even can deploy a lil update without crasging the game vor everybody zzzzz
  2. Cant deploy an easy update with half the ppk cant play because we gonna get a roll back nd loose everythibg we did nice WC nothing you dooing about just broke your game more and more
  3. Nice timeout cant leave server or Upload anything when this game comes out not even a beta yet crashes all over, every Update raptors the game and that how long after its "out" 60 dollar game btw
  4. Yey another Event half of the ppl cant enjoy because of DC, Bluescreening and constant 255 on multiple servers from PS 4 (especially Gen servers not playing 2hrs without Dcing or bluescreening everybody from our server) ... OP deploy more but dont go back on the tickets and leave servers for 48hrs straight down your the best, no support msging constant no replys.... Thats how Ark is more and more Unplayable...
  5. Awesome start after Update you wanna enjoy it and boom 255 on server 111 ps4 smalls yey cant do poop awesome just awesome... Usless game whats the Updates for when servers constant on 255 ?
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