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  1. Why the Hell you Tiny guys everytime crashing the Gen2 Servers.... everytime the same poop for f... players who duplicate their poop.. items dinos.. material.. hell pls bann this unfair players or find a way to stop duplicate chars after server crash... !!! thx
  2. Thx STW Server runs, and i got my char back. And transfer it directly to the main server.
  3. EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo987 - (v345.25) offline since jesterday 10:00 what hapoend. My Mainchar stuck on Server after crash and cant relog in on mainserver. Pls restart the server that player can move to her main server.
  4. Same for GenTwo987 Srver online for like 10 Minutes, than Crash.. now my Char stuck on this Server. would be nice if you STWC figure out why the Server crashes often as player can play on it.. looks like some bored kiddy crashes the server all the time.
  5. now today it was horrible.. each gen2 server crashes after each other.. log in play 5 minutes crash... doing missions.. after log in mission reset and my earned xp and hexas are resetted to sero.. DILO is going on.. holy.. stop this pls.. i pay for an expansion what cant play. So do something pls.
  6. Hi what happen atm at the servers 4 hours ago all was fine with random lags now we have about 300 ping on every srever.. absolutly unplayable :(
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