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  1. I am planning on going spelunking soon on ark with my friends but I know they are hard. What dinos can I bring with me that will make it easier to hunt down for artifacts? I play on the Center PVE
  2. Definitely that level 5 beach noob I tamed a couple days ago. He does everythingI don't want to do and he respawns when he dies.
  3. Thank you! This helps us a lot
  4. A few friends and I are making an Irish style pub on a PvE server. We have most of the details set up but we need help finding tames that would be useful. We are thinking Chalicotheriums for the style and theme, some farming dinos (phiomias, dung beetles) to help make potatoes and Dimetrodons to keep everything refrigerated. We are just looking for ideas to add to the theme.
  5. Omg sorry, i just recently changed it and haven't memorized the numbers yet. Its FumingPigeon959
  6. Yes, my gamertag is FumingPigeon985
  7. Thank you! One more question is, what do you mean by "online server browser"? Are there specific websites that do this?
  8. I am thinking about starting to play on official servers but I don't know where to start. I have 4 other people who will be playing with me. These are some questions that I have- -Is there any maps that are better than others? -Is there any servers that are better? -How can I deal with getting raided? -General tips and Tricks I'm playing on xbox one btw
  9. The last part is what I'm worried about. Does this kind of stuff happen often? I would hate to have grinded for days just to get foundation wiped and all my tames killed.
  10. I have been playing Ark since a little bit after Scorched Earth came out (So a little under 3 years) and I have tried playing Official Servers before but never got into it. Mostly because of how long it takes to do something and the fact that none of my friends wanted to play with me. After a year or so, I stopped playing so frequently but kept getting back into the game. Now, after all of the new updates to server hosting and everything, I've started playing again. However, now I have a question that no one can seem to answer. Why do people play on official?
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