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  1. Tek Folder Disappeared It's showing all the Tek items as learned but the folder has disappeared entirely. Even when going into creative mode the folder is still not there. It was there Thursday but when I went to play Friday it was gone. Also if I try to pick up anything Tek it won't show in my inventory until I relog or transfer to another server.
  2. Failed to fetch survivor list. Running unofficial PC server on PS4 I can get my character uploaded but unable to move her to a clustered server. I have tried restarting and even reinstalling the server I am trying to move to. It intially pops up the black screen like it is going to download my existing character then swaps to the creation screen. Tried even creating a new char on a random server as well as entirely closing the application and coming back in. None of these have helped any. Any other suggestions or is this broken in general at the moment?
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