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  1. I'm not saying that YOUR level affects it, I'm just saying that depending on your level, tame different level dinos. For instance, if you are level 70, and you tame a low level dino, unless its a parasaur for alerts or a jerboa, then that dino wont be much use, as you'll generally be built up by then, and you'll be needing higher level dinos, as they have better stats. What you can do is get a good saddle, which will help how long your dino stays alive, but if its a low enough level, it'll probably die anyway.
  2. These are the current prices for certain jobs. Assassination: 2 Eggs or 1k Metal Ingots. Repetitive Killing: 2-5, 3 eggs or 2k ingots. 6-10, 5 eggs or 5k ingots. Ten is maximum. Scouting for a base: Depends on size of base and risk. Small base: 2 eggs. Medium base with 4+ turrets: 5 eggs, 4k ingots, or a mastercraft weapon BP. Large base: 8 eggs, 6k ingots or two mastercraft weapon BP/One Ascendant weapon BP. Alpha: 12 eggs+4k ingots, 15k ingots, or 5 ascendant weapon BP's and 2 eggs. Raiding: Same rules as above, but different prices. Small base: 20k ingots. You will get 90% of the loot. Medium base: 35k ingots. you will get 80% of the loot. We are currently only big enough to do medium bases only. This will change in future.
  3. Taming: if you are lvl 1-15, low level dinos (level 5-30) are fine, though you probably wont be using them for long. If you are lvl 16-30, get tames that are about level 40-60. These tames you will use a lot longer. If you are lvl 31-60, get tames that are about level 70-110. These tames will (perhaps) last you until you're a turret tribe. If you are lvl 61+, get anything between 100-150. These tames will last you until endgame, mainly the 150's, but once you start breeding these dinos you are set. Try and get two 150 rexes, opposite sex, and breed for boss fights. This has gotten off topic. Basically, if you are a decent level, don't tame anything between level 5-40. otherwise they will die EXTREMELY quickly.
  4. In trading, it really depends on which kind of server you're on. If you're on PvP, then you need to watch your back. several times when I was a noob, I'd make a stupid trade and then regret it later. Other times, the trader will come back to raid you to get the stuff back, and make a profit. (This is mainly if you're in a small tribe). Always make sure you keep valuable trading items, like saddle bp's you wont use, or spare weapons, in a hidden vault. This way, if you're raided, you stull have the hidden vault of stuff to trade, so you can get yourself onto your feet again. PvE, its best if you are a legacy trader. Often, you will be scammed. But mainly its all good. Just make sure not to overdo it, ask for too much, else you will have an enemy, and if you are on a cluster with both pve and pvp servers, then if you join the pvp server in the cluster, the guy you tried to scam will often come and find you. There is no real set currency for trading. A lot of the time I find that Metal Ingots are the most common, (as just basic currency) but mainly, it'll be random bits and bobs. For instance, a trade I made yesterday was a Mastercraft Rock Golem saddle bp for two velono eggs and 6 heavy turrets. This is because that certain bp Is valuable. The higher level the item, the more you often fetch for it. This is my advice for trading. I hope you find it useful.
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