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  1. Hell Creek New Modded Unofficial Dedicated Server-Join Hi, I have been playing ark for over a year now. I have started a server on serverblend. I am new to pc and looking for friends to play with. Looking to find someone to help grow and manage the server. Discord me at Ark Hunter#3536
  2. Hell Creek New Modded Unofficial Dedicated Server-Join Come be apart of an entirely new server. Help establish a great server for everyone. Capable recruits will have admin privileges. Help create and maintain a fair,fun, balanced server and be apart of design aspects of our Ark! Discord me at Ark Hunter #3526
  3. Preset nintendo switch control layouts for Pc Hi, I was introduced to ark on Nintendo switch, I love it so much I have bought it for pc. I haven't gamed on pc before so I have no idea how to map buttons. Is there not a preset for nintendo switch pro controller config. I have hooked up my switch controller. Or do I have to map out every button?
  4. Kitalon, I am interested in moving to island88 and making new friends Discord? Leebo#3526
  5. Yea, I just found out about the switch still using old kibble system. I just started experimenting with the cooking pot. It confused me when I looked up kibble recipes and they were using the new kibble chart.
  6. Looking for a populated pve server, experienced I am looking to join a PVE server. Friendly team player. I was on pvp lvl 85. Looking to ally not tribe. I am particular about my builds. I have discord and I am an older player. I play almost every day.
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