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  1. Some dinos ignore game settings??! i.e. Speed So, this has kinda annoyed me for a while. I play Local and have adjusted many settings to my preferred play style. Some of these options include "Tamed Dino Stats per level" and "-Add per level". When I adjust things like the amount of speed per level, nothing changes on some dinos, like the REX, among others. I have 'Speed' at a setting of 5. So each point I add should be like adding 5 points. On some dinos this is true, but on others it is not... why..???! Same with the Tamed per level. I have speed at 2, but dinos like the Rex don't change any of their stats based on my settings.. Example: The REX: starts with 100% speed, instead of X2. Then when I add a point to speed, it only increases 2%. That cannot be right... I'm assuming something is wrong with the settings not applying. Even if 2% was X5 the default %, it should start with higher than 100% speed since that setting is at X2. I have reinstalled the game completely 2 days ago, including all mods, properly. I took a couple month break and just started playing again, so I can't remember all the dinos that were affected. But this bug keeps me running around on a Rex because to me it is just far too slow and I don't get lots of time to play.
  2. Auto-Run hotkey Simple suggestion, but for me a very necessary one.. Please add an Auto-Run (move) hot key. Holding down "W" for hours on end gives me arthritis in my hand. I haven't played any PC games in months and coming back to this game reminds me of how much this particular game bothered my hand without an auto-move hotkey. Thank you
  3. This is on Single player. No timers. no servers. Help please
  4. Hello, I have 4 Dinos that cannot be downloaded. They are greyed out and I cannot click them. I originally uploaded them from Scorched Earth, and now cannot download them even on SE. I started with 7. This was a couple weeks ago. Switching over to the Island where my main game, I downloaded 2 dinos just to try it out. (first time uploading/downloading). But 4 of 7 were un-clickable. I figured they just couldn't come over to the Island. I downloaded a few inventory items too. When I eventually went back to SE, I was only able to download the last dino that wasn't greyed out on the Island. The other 4 are still stuck in the Obelisk.... Why?? How do I get them out or clear the list? I don't even want them. Also, another seemingly big issue, is that it says I have 25/50 ARK ITEM SLOTS. 25 items supposedly in the ARK DATA somewhere but I cannot see anything.. I've checked 6 Obes on SE and Island. There is nothing in my DATA tab or Tribute tab. What is going on?? Thanks in advance
  5. Yes I know its a necro, get over it. Information is relevant for as long as others play the game. And if this is false now, someone like me coming here to find answers might think it's true, especially when all the google hits people will see still say this. So, my question: Is it still true that melee damage boosts Dino harvesting? I read in post after many different old posts saying that they changed this and now it has no effect. But I can't find any more info or confirmation of this. thanks
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