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    Gah! I'm so annoyed that we can't change the load order of our mods. After all this time, it still hasn't been implemented... DILO. It's so frustrating having to unload most or all my mods when I need to change the load order, or when I need to troubleshoot issues. I have about 30-35 mods. don't tell me not to play with mods. I don't tell you how to play
  3. I'm not asking for something too intelligent. Nothing that isn't already seen in many other games. Just add some NPC's to the world that give quests, upgrade gear, go on a hunt with you, provide some human interaction. All scripted stuff, hardly any AI except maybe helping to kill something. Dinos attacking in groups is already in the game. Just have them seek out player bases and grab more followers to launch bigger assaults. An NPC spawns with multiple 'tames' as his pack. Instead of the NPC being a dino, he's a human with a gun. This is all basic stuff. Enemy AI attacking the player... Just need to set them to find player shelter, and spawn in not far from the current shelter. Dino's don't really need extra intelligence. A pack leader spawns in with a pack size fit for the player level and seeks him out in his shelter. Just these simple things would add so much more to game. Most of this is in the game already and just needs to be vamped up. Everything else is basic stuff that's in most games..
  4. Oh and how about mini bosses at the end of a cave. and other similar adventures besides huge bosses with difficult requirements. middle-game stuff?
  5. I truly wish they would not bother implementing (and breaking) great working mods when there are SO MANY great ideas they should be doing instead. For one, I think SOLO PLAY needs more excitement. It gets so boring being the only human on the whole map. And don't tell me to play online because I hate dealing with most people in online games. I don't need the frustration or annoyance when I'm trying to relax and enjoy a few hours of play after work- and because I want/have to play on my own time, not a continuous server that moves on quickly, drops people from tribes, trolls abound, constant issues and server wipes that delete all your hard work.. no thanks. I'm a single player guy. Any many more would play SP if there was more to it..: What SP needs is NPC's ! Why the heck are there no other survivors; how can I be the only one... (save the explanation. It needs to be changed) There should be quests that NPC's send you on for nice loot, or even simpler things like show you to a cave that you had no idea was there and that's the reward. I don't want to google a million things while I'm playing. Seriously. But the important thing is that the ARK won't feel so lonely. There needs to be more purpose. More action. Partner up with NPC's for a raid of some sort, or trade or sell stuff. How about a smithy NPC that can repair or even UPGRADE gear. Do the devs know how extremely popular and necessary the Upgrade Station mod is?? crate drops are a joke! at least buff those up to be worthwhile! We need interaction with AI beings. (no, I'm not the only one..) This is such a cool game with so much potential, but I feel like it fails on SO many levels. It's far too tedious and time consuming for every little thing. Honestly, without mods/adjustable settings this game would be too annoying and I would quit in a short time. And no I'm not against working hard for something, or some grind, and I love feeling accomplished and succeeding. I'm not talking about making the game easy. Just less annoying, less tedious, less lonely, and more exciting. There's endless ideas to be had about incorporating NPC's to liven up the game. I'm sure many people have mentioned some. Something else SP really needs is Dino gang attacks on our base. More dinos should actively try to seek out shelters, obviously less so early on, and more so at high levels when we've had time to build a stronger fortress. There's literally no point to building much or making anything secure or strong. No point to using metal walls or Tek when nothing attacks me..............! I want to be attacked! I want to build turrets and a strategy defense system against intelligent dinos. Some can attack solo or small groups like raptors, but send big groups of predators at me too! Or how about NPC's that have their own tamed Dinos that try to raid your base! THAT'S WHAT WE NEED. Enemy NPC's too! What's the point of this huge new update... when there's no real reason to use it! Ok, I can spend a crazy amount of hours making a really cool looking base/fortress/home, but for what purpose? It's not an RP game. Of course we love building and want to create an awesome fortress, BUT THEN WHAT? What's the point if nothing threatens me??!! What's next in the game? ..sitting around in my sweet new home, drinking beer and bird watching for the next hundred hours. There should be a point to building a fortress in SP. We need to be threatened. Like Fallout 4 did. Enemies attack your bases in groups. How about recruiting some NPC's to live with you or help out around the home, because ARK GODS KNOW there's too much work to be done at home. There's so many mods that help alleviate this stress/tedium, that it's obviously a necessity for most players. Such as S+ and AA, which just got broken with this latest update that didn't really do anything new... WildCard could have spent that time making the game more exciting with these ideas. Yes, creating a masterpiece is something most of us like to do, but make it useful, not an endgame 'ok what now?' I want to create a bada$$ base. But it should be necessary to do so, serving a purpose! There just needs to be more purpose to the game besides here's a sandbox, make of it what you will. "If you want to breed and make crazy dinos to take on bosses so you can have better tech and stronger walls, go ahead, but it's not really necessary... cuz you don't need any of it. Rewards for bosses actually quite pointless. Everything beyond stone structure and good enough dinos to protect you when you meander about it pointless. But if you want to go ahead." That's the truth of it. You can spend crazy hours trying to unlock and create better tech and stronger bases.... BUT WHY..? There's no reason to. It's all just a major grind for no real purpose. Certainly, it's rewarding to breed stronger armies and go out to decimate your prey and take on bosses and collect stuff, but make it necessary, make it more useful to do so, besides just 'oh I got some new tech ingredient to improve something that doesn't really need improving.' Make the improvement necessary by adding AI threats to our life- not just when I prepare to seek out danger that my dinos can deal with no matter what cool stuff I own. Cool new dinos to tame and ride, heck yea. But besides the looks of a new mount what's the point? They should be additions to defending our way of life. Not just making a grind a bit easier. That grind to build a better fortress that no one is attacking.. that one? They are helpful in PVP for raiding! but not for SP! Add AI raiding to Single Player! Higher difficulty or more to grind or do doesn't fix the major flaw IMO of single player- PURPOSE / Interaction with AI. ********** There needs to smarter AI to threaten our way of life, to give improving yourself purpose. ** And NPC AI that provides 'human' interaction to keep us sane, and add that necessary component that's missing in life. ******* I would suggest this be adjustable though, so everyone can enjoy it at their own speed. I hope others agree. I would love to see this game continue with more thought put into Single player... Considering it's supposed to be mainly a single player game, with pvp added in. Unreal Engine is built for single player. Make it a DLC. I would gladly buy another DLC to get these and more improvements, and not feel so lonely in the ARK. No, tamed dinos can only satisfy so much. It's really like surrounding yourself with expensive decorations while living alone. There's such an emptiness they can't satisfy. (let's not get philosophical Cheers, Storm
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    this happens to me a lot too. usually indoors.
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    It's very annoying to me that the crosshair is not where my bullets/arrows end up. Why even have a crosshair in 3rd person if my character isn't even looking/actually aiming there?!?!!! Why can't they make bullets actually hit where the crosshair is aiming?! I hate having to switch into first person every time I shoot something. If I want to play in 3rd, let me play in 3rd person!
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    Melee on harvesting dinos

    Thanks guys!
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    Melee on harvesting dinos

    Yes I know its a necro, get over it. Information is relevant for as long as others play the game. And if this is false now, someone like me coming here to find answers might think it's true, especially when all the google hits people will see still say this. So, my question: Is it still true that melee damage boosts Dino harvesting? I read in post after many different old posts saying that they changed this and now it has no effect. But I can't find any more info or confirmation of this. thanks