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  1. Pgark Every time I try to play pgark it won’t load it stops loading at 26.7 percent and I’ve asked and more people on Xbox have had the exact same problem no xbox player can practically load a pgark server please can someone tell me a fix to this or is wildcard just support pc too much that they can only have it
  2. Debatingnote3


    Hybrids Who plays on Xbox and started getting bored with the same old Dino’s like imagine breeding a Rex and giga to get a overpowered hybrid if they added this the entire game would change thousands of people would join or rejoin since they got bored who agrees
  3. Same here man I think it was something with the update they’ll show up in an hour or two hopefully.
  4. Can’t find address I have reset the game I have took out the disk put it back in and every time I try to play on an online server it says can’t find address and I can’t play any online server does anyone have a fix if not I will contact microsoft
  5. Well Easter is getting very close and I think it might start this weekend but I could be wrong.
  6. Ya I’ve been trying to find out I’m even on my server now but if no one knows I guess we can wait.
  7. Can someone clarify me when does the Easter event start exactly
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