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  1. Does no one realize that you can literally cheat a dinosaur in. You don’t need the dlc. (I’m single player). Works on both console and pc. How I know. Well pc I own nothing but the free dlc and the three maps it comes with. No se, ab, or ex. As long as the codes are in the game you can spawntame them. Works for console too
  2. I am too but I still think it’s a bug. Cause it’s quiet annoying. Especially when it something you don’t normally get stuck on
  3. So I believe that this is a bug, I’m not completely sure. But every now and then I got stuck on a rock or a tree that’s by itself on the beach. Nothing around to get stuck on and it should be easy to escape. (Takes about 30 seconds to a minute to do so). I even get stuck on foundation when it shouldn’t do so.
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