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  1. Looking to actually play the game? Enjoy the grind, but still like to have cool stuff? We have it all. Custom Drops on Ragnarok...and the excitement and danger of Extinction. Will you get Tek? Stone? Kibble? Harvesting and Taming x 3 for those looking for a reward to their effort. Maturation x 5 for a more personal dino. Cross Ark travel enabled, so bring your Wyverns to the fight against the Titans or create and Army of Rock Golems and Gryffins to tear the landscape asunder. For a full list of Server Rules click here: https://discord.gg/FWzDvKs.... Come Join Us today before the space fills up.
  2. Ok. I bought and started a Nitrado server for Xbox w/ crossplay just before the Homestead update. The map I chose was Ragnarok and before I knew about it, I enabled random drops causing my artifacts to break. I have since disabled it, but still no artifacts. Any idea as how to solve this without a complete wipe? Also, after the update, a high number of dinos, such as the titanosaur don't seem to spawn anymore. Nor can any of my players fight bosses.
  3. Hey everyone, I bought and started running a new server a few days ago and am still tweaking it. I've read countless posts and websites, but can't seem to find any coding that relates to non-global spoil modifiers. Specifically Narcoberries and meat. Any generic code I can add to the ini file?
  4. 'Fraid not, my friend. Sony and Steam are holdouts for crossplay. Since Microsoft owns Xbox and they use the same OS, it was natural that they would become the first crossplay.
  5. (Read in the style of a used car commercial for more entertainment) Looking to play the game as it was intended? Tired of mega-tribes wiping you or forcing you to join? Crappy Admins with a God complex? Just starting off? You are home now. The overall goal of this server is to create a balance. Tribes should not only wage war, but also trade and work together. Tribe limits have been set to 10 people to discourage Mega-tribes and offline PVP is disabled, preventing official alliances. Raiding has been made slightly more difficult to create more challenge, but player stats and harvesting base material has boosted. Perfect for players new and old. For a Complete list of Modifiers and Rules, or just to ask questions before you join... visit the server Discord at: https://discord.gg/8zPCXMS When population reaches a stable enough number. We will start holding events....starting with a Rex raising event. There is a gladiator's arena built to settle personal scores. Coords 60,57. This is still a WIP. Current seasons run for a six month period before one week of super boosted chaos (called Armageddon)...ending in a server wipe and restart. All feedback from regular players is appreciated and considered. As admin/owner I am on for at least 3 hours or more everyday after 12:00 EST. Also, as a side note...Unless for event purposes, I stay away from console commands. I grind it out just like you, so don't ask for freebies. That being said, as the server develops and grows, systems will come into place to offer things like starter kits, boosts, dinos, etc. Welcome to Taured! (Fun story too, google search The Man from Taured)
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