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  1. Hello! Nitrado Server Owner here, I had started a server before the Valentine's Day update, Ragnarok on Prim Plus with expert mode active and a lot of .ini implemented in the background. (Close to all dinos spawning, just about all DLC items are easily accessible, Modded drops/dino drops, etc) I had the Extinction Chronicles event active, which beforehand I was aware would spawn in Darker colors like green, blue, black, some white, etc. But what happened wasn't that, everywhere we looked we saw pastel shades of purple, aquamarine, white, baby blue. Which looking at the Color ID's I see the colors that were spawning in! Dino light purple/green/blue, even the lighter shades of brown. We still would see the MAJORITY of dark blue and black dinos, red white and blue (the 'murica jokes were always fun), blue and red, which were always exceptional. But after the update that broke prim plus on PS4, I had to switch my server to normal survival evolved. After that the dinos were spawning in as their normal dark extinction colors. Now that prim is operational on PS4 again, (But still broken because Brick and Steel is uncraftable, and crashes the game when placing.) I'm back on prim and the colors remain the same darker versions. Does ANYBODY have any knowledge/experience of this? I've scoured the interwebs and I realize that there is no feature to customize the color choices through the game.ini files. And I know events are responsible for the colors. Is it possible to have two events going at once so the colors have a chance of combining? Because I have no idea how to get these colors back! I have a lot of photos of random B.S. but some of the dinos I've mentioned are in them. If anyone is curious to see i'd gladly post them! But do please share any knowledge of this! It's all greatly appreciated!
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