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  1. Don't even bother playing on official servers. Unofficial is much better and many of them have gotten rid of the cancer bird Ichthyornis.
  2. I have noticed this as well and they are very annoying...it kind of ruins such a beautiful map. I also play on Prim+ server
  3. The only problem that I see with this is that small dinosaur babies could easily get stuck in the map or be practically impossible to see... Example: baby dodo/ovis/otter/parasaur/compy etc...
  4. Another very cool idea Basically you have my vote due to the manatee...I love them sea cows.
  5. Wow...just wow... I love this idea 3000! This is so incredibly detailed and well planned out I feel like I have already been there! I hope you can get this into the sponsored mods program. Ark Devs please make this happen!
  6. Hmm, what a cool idea, I think Ragnarok needs this. I like the idea that a windstorm would summon a powerful tamable creature. Although I think that people would like Ragnarok even more than before (I would) It wouldn't make scorched seem more interesting though unless some TLC was given to the Scorched map as well...
  7. Yes! This is a fantastic idea! I think you would still need to have the paint colors to be able to do this of course. Even if you needed to use a special in game paint item like an "airbrush gun" and "airbrush paint" I think it would be totally worth it. I would still like to keep the war paint option though. And just be able to toggle between region paint and war paint.
  8. The fact that Titans can be tamed to begin with seems ridiculous... I am shocked that you can do a server transfer with one. I can only imagine the lag fest when more than one Titan is stomping/flying around. I will vote up this suggestion.
  9. I would like this idea more if it is used to find lost dinos...
  10. ... It would be pretty cool to see Nerva or Mei leading the battle charge, just sayin.
  11. They should also get a TLC when gathering that shows them rolling the poo lol
  12. I always wanted to know what a wyvern would look like with its mouth closed. They look like derpy dragon pups sometimes x..x
  13. Perhaps the Dino leash's could be used for this purpose?
  14. I play on Ragnarok via Xbox and since the update ....pressing B to use whistle commands cause the game to completely shut down/crash/dashboard.
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