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  1. 793.4 host connection timeout Since the update in 793.4, I can not connect to any server anymore. Whenever I try to connect, I have host connection timeout or part of my structure does not appear and the ping is 0. Many people do not seem to be able to connect, the servers are not very busy compared to other days.
  2. in fact the final loading time and much longer than usual, if I wait a few minutes, I can ride on my dino and move, like to open the chests etc.
  3. Bug with the update 793.2 unfortunately the version 793.2 malgres there are some bug. I can connect, but I can not open cabinets or chests, I stay at the foot of the dino when I want to mount it and then I can do nothing more, force me to disconnect to get off the dino. It becomes tiring, we lose too much thing with these problems of update. Finally, we will be a lot to not have been able to enjoy the X2 breeding, and especially have lost a lot of time to lose everything.
  4. "Please make sure you've restarted your game/Xbox and confirm that it has downloaded the latest update. Your client should be on v793.1 which can be seen on the left hand side of the main menu screen." I did exactly the procedure, i have the uptdate 793.1, I even turned off the console and empty the cache, and it does not work. We end up with the same beug as the last, 3/4 of the buildings do not load and the ping is 0
  5. unable to log since 793.1 unable to log in from then updating to 793.1
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