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  1. In late 2016 and early 2017 ark was a simple game with the island,center, and scorched earth with one of the most vibrant community’s I’d ever seen. Servers were hosted by people who were willing to spend 200$ on a xbox just to run a server in which they could control with a couple admins, who were majority of the time great people. You could play for day in and day out interacting with players and they would be friendly other than the occasional sniper on the pillars of the center it was beautiful, servers had community centers and people were welcomed to join and have fun. You didn’t have it overly boosted so things took time increasing the longevity of the game and making everything a goal to pursue and cherish when achieved. Raids were an occasional thing with maybe a couple of tribes banding up to take down a bigger tribe but then once it was done you’d go separate ways but continue that bond and help each other back on their feet when raided. All around a wonderful community that your were willing to spend hours on and met some of our greatest online friends here. With all of the fooling around,knocking your friends out,the occasional shotgun damage test, and most importantly the excitement of preparing supply’s for a raid and planning out your approach. I loved this I would spend nearly my entire free time on this and in the summer would wake up at 11am to find my friends hard on the grind and would play with them until the early morning hours of the next day to do it all over. But in the past year and late 2017 the game has felt distant with lack of dedication from admins and little friendly relations amongst servers. I believe with the new content and fan base many never experienced this and don’t understand what Ark truly is this game is about the moments shared in it and when you can’t get past stone without being raided because of to boosted of server,losing interest due to such a lacking community, and even finding a server that you want to spend your time on. It turns the game to something distant that is just another download without real purpose theirs no goal anymore it’s just repetition of a long lost hope of the old days that leave you blank and not eager to play you and when you reminisce on the old times you eagerly hop back on but in under a hour the feeling fades away. This is why arks community needs to change for the better without a serious change of it though the game won’t die Ark itself will die it will be a mear game engine that plays a game similar to the once great game that made many people thousands of memories that they will never forget so I hope you all think about this and that something will change to make Ark Ark again.
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