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  1. Hello there, the server EU-PVE-Offical-GenOne649 runs so bad since some months! The ping is good with 35-100 but each 1-2 hours all players got a disconnect. And since some weeks there are so many longer lags. And I don´t talk about the 15 min lag. Please check the the server / hardware what ever. It is horrible to play there and we are the most time 2-5 Players on the server not 40!
  2. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland345 Connection Issues Hello, since yesterday the Server 345 has massive problems with the connection. I tryed one hour to connect to the server (Connection Timeout) and a 100% imprint is not possible anymore.. Some player can connect some others not. If you are on the server, its possible that you will be kicked after a while (Connection Timeout). Today a member had to enter a server password. Something went really wrong with this server.
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