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  1. Running only PVE servers, I'd say: Pros: Decorations, Rewards, Dino Colors Cons: Over 200 chibis and not 1 phoenix.. Maybe too rare?, Decorations aren't persistent Raptor Clause made many passes, dropping glorious, yet inaccessible gifts, on the other side of the map wall on Scorched Earth. Not sure about whether this happened on other maps
  2. This is on my server, too. Only the Valguero map. Other maps, it works fine
  3. DreadTamer

    New Haven

    My PS4 build after 2 years. Thinking about a video walkthrough. I'll be adding stuff when S+ gets to console, too. Occupying the entire hilltop across from the redwoods, this village has many of the comforts a community could want. There are 3 buildings outside the village itself. A farm, a longhouse, and a breeder. The main village features 8 houses, 6 shops (mounts, barber, armor/weapons, clothing, scuba, costumes) a restaurant, a trading stall, a grill stall, a library/school, a workshop and a theater. All built on 4 cliff platforms, with a huge amount of storage underneath. Will
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