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  1. This is on my server, too. Only the Valguero map. Other maps, it works fine
  2. DreadTamer

    New Haven

    My PS4 build after 2 years. Thinking about a video walkthrough. I'll be adding stuff when S+ gets to console, too. Occupying the entire hilltop across from the redwoods, this village has many of the comforts a community could want. There are 3 buildings outside the village itself. A farm, a longhouse, and a breeder. The main village features 8 houses, 6 shops (mounts, barber, armor/weapons, clothing, scuba, costumes) a restaurant, a trading stall, a grill stall, a library/school, a workshop and a theater. All built on 4 cliff platforms, with a huge amount of storage underneath. Will be adding some towers and other features as soon as SPlus comes to PS4
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