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  1. So i recently got back into ark because a family member gifted me the dlc maps before christmas. Started on the island, and transferred around to each of the maps to get the map exclusive dinos and engrams; great. Transferring back to the island to find all my tames have vanished; not great. 2 years ago this game was a buggy POS and im amazed even on single player, it still is. No they didnt die, no nothing attacked them and kited into the woods or water. There is literally no trace of them. I am hesitant to download any of my other dinos that i spent weeks getting, if they will just vanish. I cant understand how wildcard allows this terrible state the game has been in forever to be a standard for them, and id like to know if there is anywhere that my tames can be found. I have read elsewhere that they have been known to teleport but i have straight checked the entire map from the corners of the sky to the lowest part in the ocean to no avail. Ark has all the potential in the world to be a groundbreaking game but it seems almost as if the devs want it to fail. It has turned into a sick joke at this point that this is the game i paid money for years ago.
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