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  1. Roads vary in shape and size, I am on day 7 with out a response on my ticket yet. I AM ANGRY AS YOU ARE but let us keep in perspective what we have here. Of coarse I have not been made whole by the fact that they turned off auto decay. What stopped my bleeding was I have a tribe mate who joined my new noob and I was able to feed the dinos and reset the timers my self. (if we build ties in the game we can help each other, there is a reason we play multiplayer) There are still problems with their plan. But they finally took the first step. This is a business to them let us not forget. They
  2. This is a week late but Thank You! You are on the road to recovery.
  3. maybe I am wrong here but Legacy is a no longer supported server ? Isn't that the official line from back when they shutting down all the low pop legacy servers? You can't get GM assistance right? These are Questions not an answer.
  4. How does a player to player interaction repair the damage done to peoples bases and dinos when a meeting won't take place for weeks? There is an article on survive the ark saying when a character is deleted you should not even make a new character on the same server because it will over write the old character and not be retrievable. The information being put out is still lacking on basic instruction on how the community should act in the mean time. It lacks true compassion for the people who have thousands of hours of work into this game. A normal person works roughly 2000 hours in a yea
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