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  1. I've been with Anthology for less than a year and already consider it my home. The community is amazing and is always willing to help when they can. I was new to rping in games and the community was really good at taking me in and helping me learn with patience. Anthology is a great place for those who are interested in roleplaying and don't know where to start. I've had so many great experiences here and look forward to making more.
  2. Right now we're really limited, really the recipes are only filling food, water, stamina, and health. The Rockwell recipes have so many more options and it would be amazing to have those options, at least on prim +. Different ingredient combos should form other effects, torpor, weight, speed, fortitude, aggression and passive from wild dinos, and more. The capability is there with the Rockwell recipes, we should be able to play around with other combos and make our own! I think it would be an amazing addition especially for rp servers. And prim+ has so many different plants that you can grow that would easily be able to mix up the combos.
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