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  1. The loot quality works the way it's supposed to work, apart from the fact that dungeon loot is always apprentice regardless of difficulty (which is honestly quite ridiculous, I have no idea why they couldn't just reuse the cave loot algorithms for the dungeon loot quality). It's just noticed the most with Ascendant stuff since the Ascendant quality range is the largest by a fair bit. If you got max quality loot all the time, it kinda divides the time required to get good cave loot by 10. Mobile is easy enough as it is.
  2. Just specifying 'Ascendant' isn't enough. Unlike the lower qualities, Ascendant covers a very wide range of multipliers, and there are different maximums for different difficulties.
  3. Harpoon Launcher and Underwater Homing Mine Will harpoon launchers and underwater homing mines ever be added?
  4. I feel like WarDrum was focusing mostly on new content all the way up until 2.0. Hopefully the recent QOL update won't be the only one of its kind.
  5. To me, it seems the OP can't place revival platforms underwater. Hmm...
  6. One would think that after porting the core game, adding additional items wouldn't be that difficult.
  7. Correction: a Level 15 spawn would get 14 random levels, not 15. Remember, it starts at Level 1, not Level 0. Another correction: both levels in a mutation are actually for a stat. If there is a colour-only mutation i.e. mutation in movespeed, there should be 0 levels gained. Colour does not affect level.
  8. ScienceFire

    Black Pearls

    How do you harvest black pearls from Tusos? Eating them with a Basilo doesn't seem to give me any, and I don't find any item caches afterwards either.
  9. Dungeon Loot Suggestion Hello all, I have noticed that there seems to be widespread demand for DLCs on Mobile. Simultaneously, dungeon loot is so low quality that there isn't much point in going to any crates that give normal loot as opposed to premium items, TEK, keys or saddles. To decrease the number of essentially useless crates, I have an idea: DLC Crates. Rather than having to deal with issues regarding adding entire new maps to Mobile, DLC-exclusive items and/or their blueprints could instead be added to the current normal crate loot table or a new crate type(s). They could even be on a rotation, Mobile TEK style. Things like flamethrowers, chainsaws, cluster grenades, oil jars etc. (items) could have blueprint drops, while exclusive mined resources such as salt and sulfur or perhaps even crafted resources such as propellant can be given as straight-up items. Special ammunition could be given either way. Alternatively, items and special ammunition could both be in blueprint form and have their recipes altered to use base resources instead of DLC ones. This could also apply to DLCs other than Scorched Earth, e.g. glider suits, ziplines, gems etc. from Aberration. Which things are added and how quickly is up to WarDrum, so useless things like radiation suits can be left out. Note: please do not add climbing picks, they are useless on the Island and cause meshing issues on PC and Console which would likely carry over to Mobile if they were added. You may be wondering why I tagged wyverns and rock drakes. This is because the eggs for these creatures could also be added with a very low probability (as in Noctis-level low probability) to appear in DLC crates/modified standard crates. This would prevent those capable of running dungeons on PVP from gaining an army of wyverns or drakes in no time, but would still satisfy the player base demand for them. Since the low probability is a PVP/PVX/PVXC consideration, PVE or single player could have higher probabilities for wyvern/drake egg drops. To offset the low probabilities on PVP/PVX, the eggs on those modes could be set to drop only as certain level ranges to prevent frustration due to getting a super-low level after a lot of hard work. As I am aware that WarDrum is a relatively small studio and needs the income from ARK:Mobile, I even have an idea for how money can unobtrusively be earned from such an implementation. Amber-purchased items (name suggestion: Accelerators) can be added to the store which function similarly to pheromones, but for drop rate of items from different DLCs rather than mutations on different categories of creatures. For example, the more OP DLC items will of course have a lower drop rate, but this rate can be boosted in this way, which works for both the 'modified standard crate' and 'individual crate type for each DLC' variants of this concept: Scorched Earth Accelerator: Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Scorched Earth drops SE-Specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Scorched Earth drops Aberration Accelerator: Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Aberration drops AB-Specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Aberration drops Extinction Accelerator (maybe, Extinction might be a tad too OP) Modified Standard Crate: higher rate of Extinction drops EX-specific Crate: higher rate of rarer Extinction drops And that concludes my ideas for now. Sincerely, ScienceFire
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