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  1. Hello,

    I am a little optimistic about ARK 2 but there are some sticking points I need some more information About. Firstly when you say “Primitive Survival” I hope that’s only for early game stage players because ARK is supposed to be like real life. When I say real life I mean You and your tribe will keep on developing and advancing through the game stages to compete with other tribes. I love how there are multiple game stages like human history. Early game era (Wood, Stone, Thatch structures and primitive weapons) to Late Game era (Metal Structures and tools, Tek structures, weapons, and tools, advance weaponry like RPG+Launchers, C4, Fabricated weapons, Heavy auto turrets,Tek Turrets, etc). I really Hope ark 2 will have all the things I listed just like in ARK 1 because Its what makes ark fun. I am fond how your stage is what you decide to be and your dedication will execute it. Gigas are my favourite Dino so please leave it as it is Damage wise, and allow cross server transferring. All the stuff in ark 1 is fine, adding more items in game is fine also but please, Do not nerf or downgrade Anything. Also if early access would be there it would be sweet. Goodluck on Ark 2 developers and please take the things I wrote into consideration. 

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  2. There’s a reason they don’t do this on Xbox, PC, ps4, nitendo etc. I suggest un installing ark and purchasing console or pc. If you can’t afford Kijiji or craigslist or even eBay I can get xbox one or ps4 or a low end PC for 100$. Developers need money or they won’t be able to pay for their Bugatti’s and rolls royces so please be compassionate to them.

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