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  1. Dude... I thought you rage-quit! Literally just answered the interview on this tribe. Hope we both get accepted! Where's Tank???
  2. DestroyerPewnack My username is DestroyerPewnack. Age is 27. Level 80. My timezone is GMT +4. I'm looking to do more raids, hopefully. I play Thursdays and Fridays for a total of 16 hours+. I'm good at building. Things like doubling walls and foundations, covering cables, motorboat limit designs, turret towers, and recently traps from XOneWingX, if you know him? I also don't mind grinding and taming, though breeding might be a bit difficult. The last time I was in a tribe was 6 months ago. We got wiped, and my 2 tribe mates seem to have rage-quit. Been playing solo on small tribes, ever since.
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