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  1. My gt is ReeceTheOreo 

  2. recruiting? i have 6 player include me. we been playing on unofficial. the server keep get wipe every 2months. and it bored that we keep build and server wipe

  3. You still recruiting??? I was hoping to join the tribe. My GT is BUSH KING#3646

  4. Hy are you still playing? Got a lvl 82 char with Tek engrams if you play official 

    Got also a char on small message me GT: Nussmajorbob 

    I speak German but also English but just normal talking ?

  5. Gt. MatetPhil1230


    id like to join your tribe I have 1000+ hours in the game and I’m very active pm me on Xbox 

  6. Gt : oKoolaidd

    Im from release but stopped playing for 2 years now im back on the grind... Im a breeder, material grinder and tamer also unfortunately i have to restart my character :( but i hope i make your tribe ?

  7. Can I plz join third of solo

    1. ShadowKnife5067


      Plz can I join . Tired of solo


  8. yo can i join i have played for 4 yrs and i like grinding and pvp





  9. I’m looking for a tribe, I have 140 days on ark add me on Xbox phibbenzzz

  10. Hey boss, what server for recruitment? 

  11. Are you looking tribe mates?


  12. my GT: LollyPopKingz

    would you mind if I join I have more time then I feel like stating on a public forum, and I would like to get in tune for Genesis

  13. can i join your tribe please GT:bossua123


    i have 100+days played


  14. Hey man, looking for a tribe, maybe you can help me :) Thanks!! GT: Drwyfthy

    1. Heinousbanjo465


      hey im looking for a tribe all round-er but not so good at turret tower building though I can do decently. I am active around 3 hrs everyday but on holidays and weekends more. I would like to taste sweet victory after being raided continuously by big clans. im british GT; heinousbanjo465

  15. I’m LVL.72, 24Yrs & British. I have time in the week but not all the time, will help where needed. I just need a safe place for a few dinos is all I ask nothing more, let me know, cheers, Drew. 

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