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  1. Is it confirmed that you can get xp from characters that are not maxed level?
  2. The imprint bonus does not increase yields. The imprint will give your anky higher melee. Higher melee with increase the amount you gather,
  3. They're only good for pvp because they damage metal.
  4. Pull the megapithecus to where you spawn in. You won't lose rexes from falling off.
  5. You really only need to do alpha brood once for tek turrets. More melee is better for farming megapithecus for element. We we're running alpha mega back to back 4 times without healing with high melee.
  6. Eddiew

    Ice Cave

    We used shotguns and built small blockades along the way (I think 3 total) with a genny with 2 turrets and just pulled the mobs to it and let the turrets do the work. make sure to spam as you clear so nothing respawns.
  7. Those Rex stats should be good for alpha brood and megapithecus with a yuti. You want more melee than health for megapithecus. We were farming alpha mega For element with 25k hp 775 melee rexes easy. The best way to do it is move your rexes to the corner near where you port in. Your Tames can't fall off here. The only place they can fall off is that hole to the right when you walk towards the boss near the stairs. Make sure your tames are on passive then back up a single tame towards the boss and run back to your tames once the megapithecus starts chasing, then whistle attack target when he gets over there. It's important that you back up to the boss so you can take off running without turning around.
  8. Cool. The only problem with that is tek storage containers don't exist on the switch...
  9. Can we please get 300 item slot vaults?!?
  10. Most of your early tames will be low level. The only high level tame you need to get early game is an Argentavis. The best way to get prime early game is to trap and kill alpha raptors. If you're new to trapping alphas I suggest you place a stone 2x2 with only doorframes as walls with ramps from the top of the doorframes to the ground on one side. To trap the alpha raptor you simply get it to chase you up the ramp and fall into the trap. Once it's in the trap, you can shoot it with a crossbow. The most important thing to do when using prime meat to tame is to let the Dino starve after you knock it out. This way they'll eat all the prime at once when you put it in their inventory. Also, the prime meat will last 4x longer in a dinos inventory, so It's important to transfer all the prime into a Dino's inventory when transporting to the unconscious tame. Just make sure there is raw meat in your dino's inventory, or it may eat your prime. A decent argent early on is a game changer. The argent will be able to kill alpha raptors for easy prime and you'll be able to pick up important dinos to tame. I wouldn't worry about getting high levels early on until you have the kibble.
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