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  1. You are right i was looking at her stats and the snake hit me and her at the same time.
  2. i made the kibble useing wyv eggs Special Egg Giant Bee Honey Lazarus Chowder ×10 Mejoberry ×5 Fiber Waterskin
  3. effectiveness level i was taming a level 140 abb megalosaurus then it got hit by a snake so i let so I let her wake up then ko her again useing extraordinary Kibble i only got 56% effectiveness. so does this not work anymore?
  4. ty all for the info i would try to look for it but i have no way of doing that it was my only one. i play on NA-PVE-Crossplayofficial-aberration 843 if theres anyone who willing to help me look.
  5. aberration elemental water I just started to play on aberration and tryed a rock drake nest run and i d/c over the purple water and i die in two sec but have not seen a death msg for my rock drake does this mean its a live or is it a glitch?
  6. Ok so there's is a way to get imprinting on a new character but it can only be done unofficial dedicated servers TransferImprints TransferImprints <oldPlayerID> <newPlayerID> <NewImprinterName> Description: Transfers all dinos that are imprinted on the oldPlayerId to the newPlayerId. If the newPlayerId is online or located it will use that player's name otherwise it will use NewImprinterName.
  7. Me and my friends are renting two unofficial dedicated server cross-play and i jump on our rag server to make one of my guys admin to our tribe so he can invite some of our other players to the tribe. then i log-off for a bit then came back now its making me make a new character my friend is telling me he can see my body unconscious on the server. is there any way i can get my guy back i don't want to start with a new one i just got done growing 3 wyv a lvl 190 lighting 185 psn and a 180 fire all of them has 100% imp i know they can invite me back in to the tribe but i would not get the imp bonus. I have done some reading and i'm hopping a bug from 4 years ago would be fix by now.
  8. I would like some info of something is being done a about this. Me and my friends are playing on SE and we need the wyv to do the boss fight so this bug is game breaking at this point.
  9. i made a post a about the same thing but it seems WC are not saying anything about this
  10. Hello me and my friends play on a nitrado server on scorched that mirror match official server, I can still see the wyv nest and got a few egg using the whip to pick them up but when me and my friends went to hatch them lvl 140 psn and lvl 150 fire wyn they came out at level 1. Its like the game thinking we used admin codes to spawn the wyv eggs in
  11. the eggs are invisible tried the whip it works but when hatching said eggs a lvl 140 psn and a lvl 150 fire they came out at lvl 1 so whats going on here?
  12. the eggs are invisible tried the whip it works but when hatching said eggs a lvl 140 psn and a lvl 150 fire they came out at lvl 1 so whats going on here?
  13. We can see the wyv nest now but the egg's are invisible but you can use a whip to pick them up not knowing the level of the egg until then.
  14. It's the same on our server we have an nitrado server as well we have players on the xbox and pc, There's a few of us who can see drops but no one can see an wyv egg as of yet we are going to try a wild dino wipe to see if that does any thing. I forgot to mention we are playing scorched earth.
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