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  1. You are right i was looking at her stats and the snake hit me and her at the same time.
  2. i made the kibble useing wyv eggs Special Egg Giant Bee Honey Lazarus Chowder ×10 Mejoberry ×5 Fiber Waterskin
  3. effectiveness level i was taming a level 140 abb megalosaurus then it got hit by a snake so i let so I let her wake up then ko her again useing extraordinary Kibble i only got 56% effectiveness. so does this not work anymore?
  4. ty all for the info i would try to look for it but i have no way of doing that it was my only one. i play on NA-PVE-Crossplayofficial-aberration 843 if theres anyone who willing to help me look.
  5. aberration elemental water I just started to play on aberration and tryed a rock drake nest run and i d/c over the purple water and i die in two sec but have not seen a death msg for my rock drake does this mean its a live or is it a glitch?
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