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  1. Ohh, okay so these are known issues still? Dang. My friends and i are having a lot of fun playing primitive plus yet a lot of the stuff is broken. Females standing on dinos instead of sitting Beehives dont work. Cant get into inventory so they starve to death. Cant breed bugs or wyverns. Cant eat stegos or mammoths while on a giga/rex. Cant fish at all. Line wont cast yet it lets you make a fishing pole. Thats just a small list i have so far.
  2. I saw that you can breed them now but my friend cant seem to get his to breed on the primitive plus server we play on. We tried to look into it and we cant seem to find anything on it.
  3. I just started playing again after two years of never getting raided on a offical pvp island map. My friends and i didnt ask for anything, We would say hello to people we saw and that was about it. We would get on in shifts. Tame, build, gather. 4 days in a mega tribe wiped us and all the smaller tribes on the server due to "too many people on the server" ie 50 people. So, its back to just them and one other tribe theyre friends with. So, i wouldnt say its people being too lazy. Although i agree i did see a lot of people asking for stuff. Thats not the case for everyone playing. This was also
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