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  1. And yet here were are waiting for the Win10 update so we can play again...
  2. You're going to need HNLA from the new season pass to be able to get that achievement at this point.
  3. 15min notification is too short, change my mind. To give players a 15min notice before an update/patch is too short of a time period. Most things in this game takes more than 15min such as taming so why give such a short notice that most people are unable to finish their current project? Not to mention when there is an actual update if you're playing on Win10 you'll be stuck offline for a day as Microsoft verifies the update itself.
  4. Something of the sort would a be a boon to the dev team and community alike. It just makes sense to crowd source these sort of things before they put them into the game.
  5. Public Test Realm On a serious note without being hyper critical WC needs to implement PTR for console and PC alike. The player base would be more than happy to test these things before they cause major issue for the official/unofficial networks. It just makes sense to crowd source test things of this nature.
  6. Some how I feel that it can be put into a cryo, but I'm sure it destroys all of the structures on it, like anything with a platform saddle. My real question is if it's breed-able or not.
  7. Thanks for the info, I'm way more excited for it now. Suddenly it seems more viable for pvp, like it would be one of the best fobs for underwater.
  8. Hopefully it will just jump forward at an accelerated rate an doesn't truly teleport, so it hits things and comes out of it's "warp" instead of teleporting inside of them. If it does teleport hello new meshing method.
  9. I think the lack of content showed is because of what they have ready to showcase at the moment, probably why they pushed the release date back. I'm fine with them pushing the release back as far as they need, I would rather have things working as intended when it comes out, instead of some time after it comes out. Hopefully there will be a long public beta.
  10. Just breathe on the nodes with the fire wyverns that show up, very straight forward, takes three of us an hour to tame with it coming out as an alpha forest titan. As far as taming with tapis go you need some one to kite it back and forth across the arena.
  11. Have they been confirmed to dive? I figured they would just work like a raft.
  12. Azurrel

    genesis hopes

    My real hope is they make enough money to fully fix meshing and duping, I'm not loving having to "protect the mesh" in pvp anymore. I love this game to death but meshing is really killing pvp for me.
  13. Hopefully it will be an upgrade from the motor boat, but past that I don't see much pvp use. But imo I love it already even if it doesn't end up being a meta.
  14. I think we'll see a fair amount more of genesis on a month by month basis, it seems like they're kind of scrambling to get things "polished" so we won't see 90% of it until weeks before launch. But truly you won't even see all of it until you get your boots wet. Granted most of this is speculation.
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