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  1. I was playing ARK on the Switch and everything was working fine. When I turned it back on, I couldn’t use the button Y, I couldn’t access anything’s inventory, and I couldn’t get any of my tools from my hot bar. I think it might have been because I went offline while laying in bed, but I don’t know how to fix it. Any help? Edit: Yes, I tried recalibrating my controller, and even used different controllers. Neither of them worked. It was definitely the game.
  2. So I was out with my parasaur and an itchthyornis came and attacked us. I kept shooting it with my bow and trying to get back to my camp so that I could deal with it myself. When I dismounted my parasaur, it ran off to chase the bird away, but never came back. I know it’s not dead, how can I find it again?
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