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  1. US PVP server name is Ark Jurassic World 32 slot nitrado server! Started on 12/25/21 still fresh!!! X8 Harvest X6 XP X8 Taming X40 Maturing Custom Stack sizes Dino stats are slightly boosted so they aren’t OP. ORP is on ! Come join now we just started the sever on 12/25/21 still fresh plenty of building spots & tribes ready to play!! Join our sever discord & chat with our staff & members https://discord.gg/d7gqh5FW
  2. Welcome to Ark Jurassic World our Brand New Pvp server starting today 12/25/21 with 32 slots hosted by Nitrado!! [Map is The lost island] •Offline Raid protection is on •Server Stats- Harvest x8, Xp x6, Taming x8, Egg hatch x30, Mature speed x35, 1 time 100% imprint instant, Dino stats have been made a little stronger then official not crazy Op Join our Discord for more info!!!! https://discord.gg/d7gqh5FW
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