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  1. So there have been some interesting points made, I feel I want to address a couple at the same time. The first is that the dev's are hard at work fixing bugs and they deserve some slack. The other is that the company is small and doesn't have the resources to fix everything faster. This may or may not be true, but in either case, with out Wild Card making any effort to have any communication with its paying customers, in regards to there problems, none of the dev's working to fix peoples problems will matter. My complaint isn't that nothing is being done, its that Wild Card essentially ignores customer service. They close tickets with out ever responding to them, there is no direct communication, with anyone, at any point in time, at least not that I have ever been able to find. The system for getting help is essentially non existent, and there is no way to even know if anyone at Wild Card even cares that you have a problem. They could do huge amounts of good for their reputation by simply having a small dedicated team that handles complaints, filters out issues that can be solved with out direct intervention, and if nothing else responds to people telling them roughly how many weeks it will be until someone who has the skill set and authority to intervene can do so. As it sits now, any request for help sits ignored until someone has the time to stop working on things to address it. I have no way of knowing how they handle there customers, with over 900 hours in, not one single problem I have had, has ever been responded to in any significant way. The only response I have received is an automated message with links to the most generic posts that have nothing to do with anything written in my complaint, followed immediately by the ticket being closed, regardless of how many times I reply my problem remains. When bringing this up with people on the servers I have been on in the past, I hear this is pretty much the common occurrence. Its as if Wild Card expects to get a pass on their products for life, because they were released in early access. All I am asking for in the end, is a little respect, or at least I would settle for someone caring enough to pretend like they respect me as a customer. Regardless of whose fault it is, something needs to be changed. I don't honestly blame the individual employees, but in the end from the point of the consumer they are useless. I fully blame management, it is after all their job to make sure everyone else is capable of doing the jobs that needed to be done. If you need more people, its managements job to either hire more people, or find a way to better structure the faculty you have.
  2. Before I start, I can't be bothered to learn the names of every job for these companies, so to me if you work for the company and you have any technical role in either creating or supporting the game, I consider you a dev, so make fun of my ignorance if you will, I am genuinely curious and it doesn't change the point. I am not trying to insult or defame, I am listing my experiences and opinions based on those experiences, and want to discuss them with other people. Why are ark devs so useless? I have played ark for a couple years now, the game has never been more than barely playable at best on some days. Constant glitches, I would list them but there is a limit to how long these can be and I don't think anyone would read the list that long. Never once has a single report, ticket, email, or any single correspondence has ever been replied to by anyone from wild card, or anyone capable of answering a question. How can anyone collect a paycheck and never do their jobs? Why would wild card hire people who can't even get their help system to work. You used to be able to see your tickets and monitor them, but now that system no longer works. They pawn off any help and support of the players to other players. Thy get people who pay for their broken game to help others continue to play their broken game. Why do so many people support this? and how bad do you think it has to get before people take a stand? What do you think it would take for wild card to take customer support seriously?
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