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  1. As already stated your best bet is an ambush (UNLESS you can get yourself some manas), I reccomend plant y as it can trap manas and as soon as that happens you could snipe him Bola him or again, get him trapped in plant y.
  2. Been having same issue on console. I put a ticket in but as expected they couldn't help.
  3. If you enjoy pvp than definitely the island. If you wanna just build up maybe just hidden on the center or rag, depends what your playstyle is and what maps you have access to.
  4. On PS4 small tribes island servers. Everytime I'm at a drop or ob and I go to transfer it still drops my items but doesn't do anything, the game doesn't freeze or stop and I am still free to choose the server I want to join. Has been happening for the whole of today beforr and after the Christmas update. Is a bug report necessary?
  5. Arkpvp338

    Cryopod solo

    All great ideas but don't they have to be crafted in a tek rep? Which I do not have access to. I think I will try with an argy
  6. Arkpvp338

    Cryopod solo

    What's the best way to get cryo pods as a solo player? I am currently on an island 6 man PvP server. I do have extinction but haven't got anything established there. What tames will I need? How hard will it be? Anything helps
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